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HydraCut drastically increases safety while lowering operational cost associated with wire line as well potentially saving a large portion of the string for future use.

HydraCut is used in conjunction with the HydraShock system to place the cut either in the vertical or horizontal sections of the wellbore near the calculated stuck point of the coil tubing. 

The HydraCut is deployed through the reel valves eliminating cutting coil above the injector removing excessive risk from open and unsecured tubing at surface.  

HydraCut comes in sizes for 1 1/4” through 2-7/8” coiled tubing.

Case Studies

HC-0000-01 — Download PDF

HC-0000-02 — Download PDF

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HC-0000-07 — Download PDF

HC-0000-62 — Download PDF

HC-0000-63 — Download PDF

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