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MicroPlugs were initially designed for fracturing operations as a means to eliminate bridge plugs, sleeve systems, and ball/seat based completions. However, they broke into the industry as a way to isolate problematic zones to free tubular work strings. 

The MicroPlug comes in standard sizes, but services irregular perforation holes through intelligent design.

The design of the MicroPlug allows for dynamic optimization of fracturing operations during the treatment, as well as physical proof of zone strength in certain pressure ranges.  The MicroPlug also allows for more finite welbore control for stuck pipe removal.

The shape and construction of the MicroPlug allow it the versatility to manipulate a multitude of wellbore situations in order to gain back the advantage for the operator, be it in a pipe recovery applicaiton, or a refracturing operation.

Case Histories

021918 MpPR DJ — Download PDF

052217 MicroPlug PR CO — Download PDF

052817 MicroPlug PR CO — Download PDF

053017 MicroPlug PR CO — Download PDF

071617 MicroPlug PR STX — Download PDF

102117 MicroPlug PR WY — Download PDF

Microplug case history 35 Drillpipe — Download PDF

Microplug case history 36 — Download PDF

Microplug case history — Download PDF

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